Archive: Month: May 2007
Historian’s Lesson: Teach Kids History

Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School student Drew Gaertner, 14, greets historian David McCullough, who spoke Thursday morning at ImaginOn. Read more. Charlotte Observer May 18, 2007

Events Honor Mecklenburg Declaration Of 1775

More than a year before the Declaration of Independence, Mecklenburg leaders signed a document asserting that they, not the king, controlled local government. And for nearly 200 years, local leaders have celebrated the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, “MecDec” for short. Read more. Leigh Dyer Charlotte Observer May 14, 2007

History Isn’t Just About the Past

Author David McCullough says everyone should learn about history because it is the story of all human endeavor. David McCullough has become America’s foremost historian during a 40-year writing career that includes two Pulitzer Prizes and a string of best-selling titles. In December, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor. Read […]

Take a Trip Into the Past With Free Historical Events

Want to know more about Charlotte’s history? Three free events are coming up, starting today. First off, newcomers may be wondering why they keep hearing the word “MeckDec” in May. It refers to a Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence signed by local patriots on May 20, 1775. Read more. Leigh Dyer Charlotte Observer May 6, 2007

Mystery Still Surrounds Meck Dec

No known copy exists, but that doesn’t stop folks from celebrating it. For more than 200 years, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence has caused a stir. Its signing date is recorded on the N.C. state flag. Read more. Melinda Johnston Charlotte Observer May 6, 2007