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The rebellious history of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County parallels the rebellious culture of its colonial inhabitants. Consider the Ulster Scots, also called Scotch-Irish, who came to the States from British-controlled Northern Ireland as indentured servants, not surprisingly bringing with them a hatred of British oppression.

These Ulster Scots were tough and accustomed to a harsh life. They were known for their independent spirit, strong work ethic and hot tempers. They held the firm belief that all men were equal, and had a natural distaste for any authority, especially British authority. Since Ulster Scots accounted for a significant part of North Carolina’s population in the 1760s, it seems only natural that the MecDec and the Revolution would soon follow.

The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence has a very rich and interesting history. Use the navigation to the left to view major milestones that have occurred, bringing us to where we are today.