Board Members

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Members
The May 20th Board is made up of individuals from a variety of industries throughout the Charlotte community. With their participation, The May 20th Society is able to achieve financial and community outreach support.

Board of Advisors

John Boyer, President and CEO, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, President, CPCC
Adria Focht, President, Charlotte Museum of History
Hank Hankins, Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein
Craig Horn, NC House Representative
Vi Lyles, Mayor, City of Charlotte
Michael Marsicano, President, Foundation for the Carolinas
Edwin Peacock III, Former Charlotte City Council Member At-Large
Jim Puckett, Former Mecklenburg County Commissioner
Judge Chase Saunders
Michael Smith, President, Charlotte Center City Partners
Michael Teden, Honorary British Consul North Carolina
Richard Vinroot, Former Charlotte Mayor
Kurt Waldthausen, Honorary German Consul North Carolina
Dr. Tony Zeiss, Former President, CPCC

Board of Directors

Milly Asbury
Collins Bailey
Warren Cooksey
Lauri Eberhart
Jane Johnson
Charles Jonas
Robert Krumbine
Julie Lentz Fogg
Eric Locher
John Nichols
Rocky Norkum
Moira Quinn
Matthew Ridenhour
Larry Shaheen
Mike Sullivan
Scott Syfert
Corey Thompson
Marty Viser
Frank Whitney
Hunter Widener
Jim Williams
Bryan Zeiss